Miles G McBreen

Big Sur Landscape Specialist

When I was around 10 years old, seeing a surf photo taken by a photographer swimming in the water to capture the image set me on my current photographic course. Born with Vacterl syndrome; thus undergoing quite a few serious surgeries in my early childhood and being born with a special right arm different than “normal” people, has far from hampered my abilities. It’s actually cultivated within me a drive and work ethic of unsurpassed quality that enables me to capture stunning images as a freelance photographer or on assignment.
I started a professional surf photography career at around 16 years of age. Shooting massive amounts of photos on a daily basis while going to school. I began to have my photos published in mainstream magazines at this time and wrote interviews of local surfers for Mundo Rad Magazine. Around the age of 22 is when the transformation of my photography occurred. I’m grateful for the training the photojournalism department at San Francisco State University gave me, I assure you of that. It imparted on me a photojournalistic style that can be seen throughout my photos.
During this time, I felt a powerful pull towards nature and Big Sur, located just south of the town I was born and raised in, Monterey, CA. I then switched my major to Environmental Studies with an emphasis on sustainability and social justice. After two years ended up dropping out of college, leaving San Francisco for Big Sur to be a caregiver for two dear disabled and elderly friends.
After taking a break from the craft, the quality of my images became my focus. My experiences as a caregiver enhanced my level of patience, perseverance, an empathy needed to capture spectacular images. Even when shooting conditions are harsh or long amounts of time are needed to capture the right moment, creature or lighting. It was during this time of my life that I fell in love with the landscape that is Big Sur and our planet’s natural environment.
Now, at the age of 31. Going forward with my life, I am deeply passionate about the craft of artistic landscape, wildlife, nature photography, telling stories, and studying/practicing the path of Dharma in the Karma Kagyu Lineage under the direction of Khenpo Karten Rinpoche. I promise my future clients that I will provide them with a unique perspective of the universe that surrounds us and an unrelenting drive to create world class images.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding my photos, fine art prints, the licensing of my work, or photographic assignments. 
Kind Regards,
Miles G McBreen
“Being a member of a creative community helps recenter my dedication to the craft and field of nature, wildlife, and landscape photography”
Miles G McBreen
“I met Miles when he was a young talented photographer starting his career up in the Monterey/Santa Cruz area in 2007. He provided us amazing shots of the local groms. He was a very responsible professional focused in getting the best images, well respected, and loved by the surf community up there.”
Esteban Katz
Editor, Mundo Rad! Magazine
"Miles is in a league of his own. He's learning so much on his own in the Field. The sky's the limit for him, really."
Mike Weesner
Photography Teacher, Monterey High School
"I was impressed from the first time I saw Miles’ photographs. His close connection with the ocean, land and the place where they meet was clearly evident. Meeting Miles and becoming friends I quickly became endeared to his humor, humility and the unique perspective he has on life. These are great assets he brings to his photography. More recently I have enjoyed seeing the new work that he has been doing, much of it along the coast of Big Sur. Some contrasty black and white landscapes and others seeped in deeply saturated colors. They remind me of some of the greats that have worked along our coast."
David Royal